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I had great fun playing with porcelain before my classes finished – it takes patterns pressed into it really well because it is so fine in texture and the white body makes a great base for colour. These are my two favourite creations: an ivy leaf pendant coloured with a mixture of underglaze paints and copper stain, and some beads with teal spirals carved into them. I’ve been getting plenty of wear out of both of these.

Porcelain ivy leaf pendant and carved spiral beads

They weren’t all I made though. I have a pile of other pendants and buttons just waiting for good homes, which will be going up on my stock page this week. Here’s a sneak preview for you:

Porcelain pendants and buttons

Some are decorated with underglazes, while the small leaf buttons and pendants are made using coloured porcelain. The textured rectangular buttons and pendants were all made by pressing different designs of lace into the clay. You can click on the photo to look at them in more detail.

If you’re interested in what other people have been making, check out the comments on Natalie’s latest Making Monday post.


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The kiln at the college has been broken for weeks but this week it was finally fixed so I have some new finished pieces to share. For now, have some stoneware and porcelain buttons.

These were supposed to be 'coral red'...

While these actually came out red!

And these are white and yellow porcelain

I also have a pile of porcelain leaf pendants to post but I want to put up pre- and post-final firing pics, requiring uploading a photo from my phone which I can’t do on my work computer.

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