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Recently, I’ve been making plans and decisions:

And I finally finished knitting my first lace shawl, which just needs the ends weaving in and blocking now:


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My plan to post all the stuff I made before class finished kind of fizzled out as you may have noticed. It’s hard not to be disheartened by the lack of a class and people making comments about education priorities like pottery was just an excuse for a middleclass social club. I agree that colleges need to be helping young people but community hobby classes aren’t a middleclass luxury – we had retired people, people with learning disabilities, and people who couldn’t work due to other health conditions who came, and it was an important opportunity for them to get out and spend time with people.  One of the lovely things about pottery is that everyone can do it.

Anyway, enough politics. I’ve been inspired to return by ‘Making Mondays’. It  originated with this post by Natalie of the Yarn Yard, although I heard about it through my knitting friends. She writes;

We all make things. We knit. We sew. We bake. We write. We paint. We make a home for ourselves and the people we love.

So I thought that we could, collectively, make Mondays our day for blogging about it.

So my plan is to (attempt to) post every Monday, we’ll see how it goes!

Today’s make is these thrown bowls, which perfectly illustrate one of the things I love about pottery – it can be pretty and practical! They are stoneware clay decorated with velvet underglazes and then clear glazed, and one of them has already graced my table holding homemade apple sauce when my partner & I had guests to dinner a few weeks ago.

Handpainted thrown stoneware bowls

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