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I have 300 things to do at the moment, thus the lack of updates, but I just wanted to show off briefly because, having only started knitting in January, I’m doing cables for my latest project:

zombie viXen mitts by Susan Claudino in Austermann Step sock yarn


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Knitting update

My last pair of cheat’s mitts are just waiting to be sewn up:

These are cheat’s mitts twice over because all the pattern is in the yarn, which is called ‘Fair Isle Effect’. They are just stocking stitch with a purled border.


I’ve also started my first lace patterned shawl with the beautiful magenta merino I was given for Christmas. So far so good!

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Tempting as it was to redo my first mitt with some decreases after the lace cuff so it wasn’t as big on my tiny wrists, I resisted and completed a matching one so here’s my first actually completed project:

I’m now working on a similar pair for my sister with a different lace pattern for the cuff, and they are in a different yarn so you’ll finally get to see something other than my bargain green acrylic from Lidl 😉 Pics to follow tomorrow for Making Monday.

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Welcome to 2012 – I’m still here, although still without pottery classes. I am finally getting round to making actual jewellery from my left-over beads and pendants, like this necklace made from emerald clouds glazed beads and silver effect spacer beads, which I just need to attach the fastener to.

I’m so pleased with it that I’m thinking I’ll get some more of the silver beads and do another one – I think I have enough blue beads for a chocker and the silver should set them off nicely.

Aside from jewellery making, I’ve been trying my hand at knitting, something that I can handily do at home unlike my beloved pottery. I’m making a little bag in King Charles Brocade stitch at the moment, to practice knitting and purling and reading a pattern. I’ve managed 3 pattern repeats so far:

I’m really quite pleased with how it’s turning out given I haven’t knitted since I was 12 and then I only made garter stitch squares for blankets.

This year looks to be a year of more varied crafts – I’m not going to be back at pottery classes before April at the earliest from the looks of things, I’m determined to master the knitting enough to make some wearable garments, I have fabric offcuts and want to learn to use a sewing machine, and I have a big event coming up at the end of the summer which is also calling on my crafty skills (these silk flowers may well give you a clue on that front).  So now I’m seeing the drawback of intending this to be a specifically pottery-based blog. I don’t know whether to give it a make over or just start again from scratch since I can’t change the name. If there’s anyone still reading this, what are your thoughts?

Check out what everyone else was making yesterday as part of Making Monday on Natalie’s blog!

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Apologies for the lack of a Making Monday post this week, check out everyone else’s contributions here. My stock page is approaching up to date though, so if you liked the look of the porcelain pendants or buttons in my last post, check it out. I haven’t listed all the 1″ diameter ivy leaves because I’m still musing attempting wirework again and making something with them, but if you had a project in mind for them, feel free to drop me an email and I’m sure I could be convinced to part with them 🙂

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The bad news is that my college classes have fallen victim to the financial crisis so I’m missing my weekly clay fix until I find a new class. I do however, have a pile of pots, pendants, buttons and beads to post about so I guess that is better news for my readers (if I have any left by now, I’m such a bad blogger!).

I’ll start you off with these pots that I collected this afternoon in my final trip to college. I spent the last few weeks of term throwing in an effort to produce a whole bunch of different things fairly quickly, and also to practise my less than perfect centering technique. I glazed these slightly wonky pieces in blue-grey matt and albany because I’d never tried the two glazes together and thought they might work well. And they did, which is typical – if I’d put them on the least wonky pots, they wouldn’t have come out half as nicely!

Still, I think they look pretty good, although my photography hasn’t improved either :/

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Happy New Year! Hope 2011 is treating you all well so far. Pottery classes resumed at the college yesterday so I’m continuing with my latest obsession which is making things using pressed ivy leaves, which are handily still available despite there being snow on the ground around these parts.

I realized that leaves actually chart my pottery progress rather well. When I first started classes, I made a whole bunch of vases and a goblet decorated with free-hand leaves and vines.

Free-hand leaf decoration

Then last year I made a plaster mould featuring leaves based on a stone carving and produced the wall plaques featured in my header and raku page, culminating in this lantern which I’ve been meaning to post for ages (I was slightly disappointed with the colours, the green slip would have been better sponged on and I wish I’d put white slip on the background like I did with the one in my header, but hey ho, I’m a perfectionist!).

Lantern made from press moulded panels with bits cut out

And now I’m working on pieces using actual ivy leaves pressed into clay and then cut out. This mask is the first completed piece, testing out the random brown earthernware glazes I found in the back of the cupboard and was really pleased with. I also have a plate decorated with the same leaves ready to glaze and yesterday I made a ring-shaped wall hanging inpired by the Bitter Beck Pottery ones I featured in this post.

Mask made of pressed ivy leaves

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