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These are what I’m working on at the moment:

Graffiti on the Metro fingerless gloves

Fingerless gloves made with lovely Fairtrade Manos del Uruguay merino/silk blend yarn that was very kindly donated to me by the wonderfully generous Mim of Crinoline Robot. It’s the Sagittarius colourway and you can buy it from Oxfam at the moment for truly guilt-free indulgence 😉 I’m loving the way it is knitting up so much that I’ve ordered 2 skeins of Pisces to make a Peggy Sue cardigan for myself. I’m also eyeing the amount left on the ball and somewhat optimistically wondering if there is any way I might be able to get a little beret out of it too!

I’ve also started planning my Christmas present knitting (mad you may think, but it’s a good distraction from stressing about wedding planning, which is the other thing occupying my brain at present!). Last night I succumbed to this beautiful hand dyed silk from Ripples Crafts based up in Assynt, to make a scarf or mini shawl for my Mum – I can’t wait to see the colours in person. I hear there will be a big shop update over at the Yarn Yard at some point today too, which may be very bad for my bank balance as I can see lots of people getting fingerless gloves for Christmas.

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I finished my long fingerless gloves:

Colour is somewhat greener in real life but you can see the stitches

Really pleased with how they turned out, although in true Scottish fashion, the weather went from too cold to wear them with bare arms to too warm to wear them at all in a week! Still, it’s not like we can expect this glorious sunshine to last, I expect I’ll be wearing them again soon enough.

And here they are on!

My current WIP is the Spring Garden top which made a brief appearance in my last post. Now on the correct size needle, it is growing nicely, I’ve divided off the sleeves and am working on the main body now. Soon I’ll have the fun of working out what to do with the waist decreases given the pattern as written wouldn’t fit me even if my tension wasn’t off! I foresee a lot of putting it on waste yarn and trying it on in my future…

The last thing I have to show off is new yarn, which isn’t green! This lovely stormy petrol blue arrived from the Yarn Yard last week, courtesy of the Boy for my birthday. Now I’ve seen it, I wish there had been more to order, I think it would make a lovely jumper or cardigan. But even I’m not small enough to get a top out of 420 m of 4 ply so I shall just have to find another use for it, oh the hardship 😉

Yarn Yard Toddy (merino & nylon sock yarn) in Ink Blot

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Recently, I’ve been making plans and decisions:

And I finally finished knitting my first lace shawl, which just needs the ends weaving in and blocking now:

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This post was supposed to go up yesterday but I didn’t get around to taking any photos in daylight. I’m busy working on my first lace shawl at the moment. I had left it for a few weeks because I kept making mistakes and getting frustrated but it’s going really well now. I have 2 rows to do on this pattern repeat and then I’ll have done 3/6 repeats of chart 1.

I love how my life lines highlight how it is growing so I decided to leave the ones marking each full chart repeat in until I’ve finished it.

Yesterday also saw the rainbow beret go on it’s way to my sister – I hope she’s pleased with it when it arrives! I was pretty happy overall as I made a better job of matching the stripes across the sections than I expected. My seams aren’t the neatest though.

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My sister loved the rainbow cheat’s mitts I made for her and requested a matching hat so I dutifully cast on for a simple beret pattern a couple of weeks ago. I immediately came up against a problem – the coloured sections in the yarn aren’t long enough to stripe on something so big and it looked awful as soon as I started the increases. Undeterred, I came up with a somewhat mad plan to do the ribbed band as one piece and then knit off it in 4 separate sections, each small enough for the stripes to work, and then sew them together. And it’s working:

Rainbow beret WIP

I just have the last section to knit and 2 more seams to sew and then it’ll be finished.  And I shall never have to knit a hat flat again – the more hems I have to do, the more I’m converted to knitting in the round.

Next week, there may even be something other than knitting to show off – I have some wire work to do for jewellery and I’m thinking of making myself some stitch markers at the same time. I’m going to be casting on for my first lace shawl for about the 7th time so they may come in handy!

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Recently, I’ve been making a hat

Fair Isle Effect Big Beanie WIP

and foot prints in the snow

Glen Doll in the Cairngorms National Park

How about you?

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This is what I have on my needles at the moment after a request from my sister for a pair of rainbow cheat’s mitts:

The yarn is Sirdar Snuggly Smiley Stripes, which is 80% bamboo, 20 % wool and the lace cuff is two complete pattern repeats of Leaf Patterned lace. As it turns out, this probably wasn’t the best choice because I’m going to have a bit of nightmare sewing it up I think, but I wanted to try something different to keep learning. And of course the yarn is DK rather than 3 ply so my tension is all different too, although my sister has small hands and wrists too so hopefully they will be a nice snug fit, rather than actually big enough for my partner like my green ones!

I’m definitely getting the hang of lace, I might actually brave a Chinook Scarf with the lovely merino I was given for Christmas next.

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